The Best Horizontal & Angled Guitar Wall Mounts

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Horizontal or angled wall mounts are a great way to show off your guitar. Not only do they make your guitar part of the decor, but it’s a convenient way to keep the guitar out of the way but still easily accessible. In this guide, we will take a look at some FAQs people have when it comes to buying a horizontal guitar wall mount, then we offer a couple of recommendations.


How Much Weight Can a Horizontal Wall Mount Support?

As long as it is installed correctly, a horizontal wall mount will be able to support any weight guitar. The best way to ensure the mount is securely installed is to find the studs in your wall and screw it in there. Most horizontal wall mounts come included with anchors for drywall, but they are usually of poor quality. We highly recommend installing the mount into a stud, but if you need to install it on drywall, avoid the included anchors and buy some better quality ones.

Are Horizontal Mounts as Safe as Conventional Neck Mounts?

In terms of warping or damaging the guitar, one train of thought is that a horizontal wall mount will put more uneven pressure on the neck compared with a vertical mount. However, I haven’t heard of any actual accounts of this happening so it’s probably the case that guitar necks are more than capable of being held in a horizontal position without warping.

If you’re worried about the guitar being knocked off the mount, a good quality horizontal mount should be plenty secure. However, you will get the highest level of security with a vertical locking mount like the Hercules hangers (link to Amazon). These use the weight of the guitar to lock the neck securely in place.

Can I Hang an Acoustic Guitar on a Horizontal Wall Mount?

Many horizontal wall mounts (including our two recommendations below) come in two different sizes. One size for deep-bodied guitar which includes acoustics, and one for narrow-bodied guitars. Although you will be able to store a narrow-bodied guitars on the wider mount, it’s worth noting that it won’t sit as nicely and you might find you need to lean it at an angle to prevent it from falling out.

Can I Hang a Bass Guitar on a Horizontal Wall Mount?

Yes, you can hang a bass guitar on a horizontal wall mount. Our recommended mounts below have narrow and wide-bodied versions. You will probably be fine using the narrow-bodied version (the wide versions are designed with acoustic guitar in mind), but it’s a good idea to check the dimensions and make sure you bass will fit.

Can I Hang a Flying V on a Horizontal Wall Mount?

You can hang a Flying V guitar on a horizontal wall mount, however, it probably won’t sit as nicely as other shaped guitars. The bottom point of the V will sit between the two hooks that hold the body.

Best Horizontal & Angled Guitar Wall Mounts

Below you can find our recommendations for the best horizontal and angled wall mounts. The main thing we considered when choosing these mounts is a high build quality that will keep your guitar safe.

Wesolo Wall Mount

Electric Guitar Wall Hanger Ukulele Wall Mount Slatwall Horizontal Hawaiian...
  • Wall Hanger Suit for Electric Guitar and Ukulele
  • Extended out so guitar will not touch wall
  • All-steel construction,suitable for both home and studio use
  • Easy to assemble and install ,mounting screws included.Guitar not included
  • Non-marring rubber coating protects the instrument

String Swing Guitar Holder

String Swing Horizontal Electric Guitar Holder for Normal or Headless Solid,...
  • String Swing Guitar Hanger Holder for wall mounted horizontal display. Ideal solution for headless guitars
  • For electric guitars and bass guitars up to 2.5 inches and up to 15lbs when mounted on drywall with the provided...
  • Fully adjustable for right-handed or left-handed guitars. Display your guitar at any angle between fully vertical and...

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