The Best Microphones for Metal Vocals

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There are so many microphones out there that picking the right one for you can be a tough task. If you’re looking for a microphone that’s great for metal vocals, you’ve come to the right place. For metal vocals, you’re going to want a dynamic microphone. The best microphone we have found for recording metal vocals is the Shure SM7B (click to find it on Amazon), and the best microphone we have found for live performances is the Shure SM58 (click to find it on Amazon).

Things to Consider

  • Recording or live performance – If you will be using the microphone for live performances, you’re going to want to choose a microphone that can take a bit of a beating. You probably won’t want to spend too much either in case it does get damaged or stolen. If you will be using the microphone in the studio, you might want to invest in a more expensive, higher quality microphone and not worry too much about durability.
  • Will you use the microphone for anything else – Some microphones work great for metal vocals, but not much else. If you will only be using it for metal vocals that’s not a problem, but if you will likely use it for other instruments, you might want to consider a more versatile microphone.
  • Additional accessories – Sometimes microphones are sold on their own, and sometimes they are sold as bundles with accessories such as cables and stands. Make sure you consider what you’re going to need, and choose the bundle best suited to you.

Best Microphones for Metal Vocals

Below you can find four fantastic microphones that are perfect for metal vocals. You should be able to find a great mic whether you will be using it in the studio or for live performances, and regardless of your budget.

1. Shure SM7B – Best for Recording

If you check out the forums where people are asking about the best microphones for metal vocals, you will find that the Shure SM7B is by far the most recommended mic. It is widely used by many famous metal bands for recording vocals. The low sensitivity means it shouldn’t pick up background noise from computers and other equipment, and it also means it’s capable of handling loud and aggressive vocals. For most people, this is the best choice for recording metal vocals, but you might want to consider the Shure SM58 for live performances due to the lower cost and great durability.

Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone
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  • STUDIO VOCAL RECORDING - The SM7B’s Dynamic Cartridge With Smooth, Flat, Wide-range Frequency Response Produces...
  • PODCAST & BROADCAST - Found In The Top Podcasting Studios Around The World, The SM7B Air Suspension Shock Isolation &...
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2. Shure SM58 – Best for Live Performances

If you will be using the microphone primarily for live performances, the best option is the Shure SM58. This is another hugely popular microphone with metal vocalists. It’s significantly cheaper than the SM7B and it’s sturdy build and reliability explains why it is one of the most widely used microphones among vocalists of some of the biggest metal bands. Although the SM7B will give you better results in the studio, the SM58 is still a good budget-friendly choice for recording metal vocals.

Shure SM58 Handheld Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Cable
  • Made to handle voice with clarity and care the uniform cardioid polar pattern of the SM58-CN reproduces every note as it...
  • The SM58-CN absorbs handling noise by the pneumatic shock mount keeping the sound free of vibration.
  • When wind and plosives try to take over the spherical mesh grille and built-in pop filter of the SM58-CN keep them out...
  • Taking the show on the road? The mic's durable construction and the break-resistant stand adapter keep the SM58-CN going...

3. Shure SM57

The Shure SM57 is very similar to the SM58. The main difference is that the SM58 is primarily designed for vocals whereas the SM57 is primarily design for instruments. Obviously, if you will only be using the mic for metal vocals, the SM58 is the best option, but the SM57 is still decent for vocals. You might want to consider the SM57 if you will be using it for instruments too.

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Instrument Microphone
  • Contoured frequency response is clean instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup
  • Professional-quality reproduction for drum precussion and instrument amplifier miking
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while reducing background noise

4. Electro Voice RE-20

The Electro Voice RE-20 is a similar microphone to the Shure SM7B and falls in the same price range. Another great choice for recording metal vocals. The RE-20 seems to work better than the SM7B for nasally voices or female vocalists.

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